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Do you get neck pain from belaying? Do you want to belay more comfortably?

Belāggles belay glasses should be a key part of your must have rock climbing gear. Used to help alleviate neck pain from belaying, Belāggles are belay glasses that allow you to look straight ahead, but see upward.

Purchase a pair of Belāggles and get on your way to a more comfortable belay!

We back your purchase with a 30 Day Satisfaction Policy so you can feel confident Belāggles are right for you.

Words from the wise...



"Belāggles worked fantastic for me. Thanks.  Now part of my quiver!"


Randy Leavitt - USA

Professional Climber


"I'm not sure who likes my new Belāggles the most, me or the person I'm belaying, because I'm paying more attention since I began wearing them."


Mike Cronin - USA

Route Developer and Guidebook Author

www.blackhillsclimbingguide.comClimb Tech | La Sportiva


"Belāggles are super awesome and solid! And a luxury package too...very nice!"


Andrea Gennari Daneri - Italy

Managing Director - Pareti Climbing Magazine |


"Belāggles are an innovative design and can be the perfect tool to avoid Belayer's Neck."


Dwayne Lee, L.Ac.

Board Certified Acupuncturist and climber


"Belāggles allow the belayer to maintain the cervical spine in a neutral alignment while keeping an eye on his/her partner. They promote safety and comfort while providing a clear, wide view that keeps the belayer oriented and aware."


Vera Philipsen, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy and climber

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